Xplore Blue is transforming any boat into an oceanographic boat and any coastal – beach location into an oceanographic base.

Leveraging citizen science and creating a fleet of boats and a network of coastal bases to explore the sea, while protecting it at the same time.

Everybody can become a Blue Xplorer!

Every boat can become an Xplore Blue boat and every coastal / beach location can become an Xplore Blue spot!

Every organization and/or company and/or boat builder can become a partner with Xplore Blue

About Xplore Blue

Offering a range of “oceanographic” experiences – missions, to the people. Who at the same time, learn and contribute through citizen science towards the protection of marine life and our oceans. The most precious and unexplored part of our planet.
Xplore Blue is crowdsourcing the Sea! For the sustainability, regeneration and wellbeing of the sea and marine life.

Xplore Blue / How?

Wellbeing for sea life

A hybrid platform for any boat and seafront location. Both physical and digital. Consisting of the following:

Xplore Blue tech packs
A range of tech kits (s/w and h/w) from proprietary marine sensor h/w kits to onsite s/w mission control and additional equipment

Xplore Blue Missions
Curated, purpose and result oriented experiences for everybody to become a Blue Xplorer

Xplore Blue Digital hub
The main hub of the platform where all the key contributors meet leveraging citizen science. A community hub for data, content and learning.

Xplore Blue Network
A network of Research partners, NGOs, Academia and corporate partners

Experience Xplore Blue

Enjoy the sea in our fleet of Xpore Blue boats while also becoming an XB Xplorer!

Our rugged Xplore Blue Rafnar 1200 offers the ideal platform for an oceanographic, as well as fun experience with absolute safety, comfort and seaworthiness.

A range of experiences and “missions” leveraging XB tech packs and equipment. Have fun while also learning and contributing to the well being of our seas!