Experience Xplore Blue

Experience Xplore Blue

You are an individual looking for new experiences related with the sea. You are also interested in learning and/or actively contributing to the well being of our oceans!

Enjoy the sea in our fleet of Xpore Blue boats while also becoming an XB Xplorer!

Our rugged Xplore Blue Rafnar 1200 offers the ideal platform for an oceanographic, as well as fun experience with absolute safety, comfort and seaworthiness. 

A range of experiences and “missions” leveraging XB tech packs and equipment. Have fun while also learning and contributing to the well being of our seas!



Discover, tag, identify and register the marine biodiversity and environment…



Marine health data, Biodiversity data and more…


Mission possible

Themed and purpose driven missions, beach cleaning, sea floor cleaning, plastics identification and more



How to navigate an ROV, how to protect the sea, how to identify species…



Create content and broadcast your Xplore Blue achievements

A new category of boats

We co-designed and developed in collaboration with Rafnar, the first Xplore Blue boat, as a pilot and live demonstration of what we believe can become a new category of boats.

Our first Xplore Blue boat incorporates Explorer boat characteristics, in a smaller format (12m) Including the following specs.

  • Maximization of storage and sleeping space (up to 10 pax travelling, up to 4 people sleeping)
  • Maximization of tanks / autonomy (900lt fuel + 120/150lt water) 
  • Pilot house additional door
  • XB Sea water sampling pump
  • XB mission control pack with reversable monitor and connectivity hub
  • XB sensor pack
  • XB sonar pack
  • XB ROV pack
  • XB land and water mobility pack (sea kayak + sea scooter + scooter)
  • XB color scheme
  • XB access to the Digital hub / app
  • Maximization of electric power (Victron batteries + solar + outlets)
  • Aft storage space system for pelican type cases and large objects
  • Special roof rack design for eqp also with ladder
  • Crane incorporated in the roof rack
  • Joystick control