Join Xplore Blue

Join Xplore Blue

You are the owner of a boat or a fleet of boats, or a coastal location (Marina, Resort, Beach, Park, coastal development…).

Transform your boat(s) into an Xplore Blue boat or your coastal location into an  Xplore Blue spot!

Offer new experiences to your clients and visitors, while actively contributing to the Sustainability and Wellbeing of the seas.

You can select from a range of Xplore Blue packs to equip your boat, you can ask us to help you build your next Xplore Blue boat and you can also ask us for a proposal of an Xplore Blue spot for your coastal – Beach front location (Marina, Resort, Beach, Park…).

Xplore Blue packs

Custom tech kits, software and equipment

XB sensor pack

A proprietary h/w kit developed to include a range of 6 sensors for measuring and monitoring water and marine health (dissolved oxygen, salinity, depth, temperature, PH, Oxydation Redaction Potential ORP).

XB hydrophone pack

Digital hydrophone to monitor and record marine soundscapes 

XB ROV pack

High end ROV with a range of tools for depth sampling and video – photo recording

XB Sonar pack

In collaboration with renowned sonar manufacturers

XB Mission control pack

A proprietary hybrid (s/w and h/w) unit to integrate all the above with additional internet connectivity

XB land and water mobility pack

Sea kayak + sea scooter + scooter


Fifish: Our XB ROV

Our state of the art ROV!